Photo: Razvan Macici, Cellar Master

Each year select parcels of grapes are earmarked for special attention during making.  When the resulting wine is regarded as outstanding, it forms the strictly limited quantity of wine bearing the Ormonde label.
The aim of winemaking at Ormonde is to produce wines of elegance with a long finish.  Oak should not be dominant, and only French oak barriques are used.


Wines are at best subjective, jealously guarded by their makers who always feel part of it. Here at Ormonde we are no different.

We pride ourselves on creating wines characteristic of our terrior and pour our passion for creating wines into each and every wine to be enjoyed by wine lovers all over the world.

Winemaking at Ormonde

Winemaking techniques vary and depend on the style of wine being made.  At Ormonde a “hands on” approach in the vineyard and “hands off” approach in the winery reflects our philosophy of allowing fruit and terroir to be fully expressed in every bottle.

Ormonde concentrates its efforts on 3 ranges:  Alexanderfontein, Ormonde and Ondine.  Each are vinified using different techniques.
Special attention is paid to trellising and canopy management, with the newest techniques being employed especially in our Ondine range.  The emphasis is on preserving as much as possible of the primary varietal fruit character, which will make the wines attractive when young but will at the same time repay extended cellaring.

There is an emphasis on varietal fruit and length of flavour, which the cool coastal climate bestows on each grape variety.  The Alexanderfontein Range is designed to be enjoyed upon release and is attractive when young.