Few things complement each other as well as this Cabernet Sauvingnon, a good dark chocolate and a small cup of coffee. A good quality organic dark chocolate, but not too bitter in flavour, is a good choice or opt for your favourite dark chocolate as the accompaniment to a glass of the wine. A chocolate truffle made with dark chocolate and a hint of coffee will also be delicious.

With red wines it is always important to pick the grapes when they are phonologically ripe. This is a very elusive phase and involves having the pips turn brown, the berries being a deep red colour and the palate displaying no green tannins.

DESCRIPTION:  This wine has an extreme bouquet of cherry, pepper and blueberries, reflecting the cool climate of Darling.  Dry land farming leads to very small berries and the intense deep colour of the wine.

STYLE:  Dry Red Wine

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