A variety of flavours adds zest to this wine. Prepare a small selection of snacks to serve with the Chardonnay. The combination of watermelon, mint and feta may seem a bit unusual, but it truly refreshing. Stonehill Lemon and lime olives are great to enjoy with the wine and even a mild white cheddar goes well with it, so try a few mini sandwich with cheese and cucumber with a glass of this wine.

Recipe: Snack platter: Cut small cubes of watermelon and feta and skewer on a toothpick with a mint leaf. Cut tiny circles of your favourite health bread and make mini sandwiches with small pieces of white cheddar and cucumber. Serve with a bowl of Stonehill’s Lemon and lime olives and a glass of Alexanderfontein Chardonnay.

On our estate the Chardonnay tends to accumulate more potassium in the skins. When the potassium is allowed to be extracted in the juice, it leads to a big drop in ph. We therefore went through the pressing process with urgency, obtaining juice that is clean, has a high natural acidity and a good ph.

DESCRIPTION:  This wine has lemon and lime flavours supported on the palate by characters of lees contact.  The wine has a good balance and its acidity creates a vibrantly fresh wine.

STYLE:  Dry White Wine.

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