After the first mouth full of Ondine Cabernet Sauvignon the nose of tinned asparagus is absolutely prominent, but definitely not the only flavour in this wine’s bouquet. Fresh berries and especially cherries bring out the berry flavours in this wine. A dollop of a creamy ingredient like crème fraîche, seasoned with vanilla and a touch of cinnamon, served with a handful of fresh cherries will be a fabulous companion. Or serve Stonehill Blueberry or Plum olives as a savoury option with the wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon is an exciting cultivar to work with, challenging our winemaker to produce top quality wines.  Produced from dry land conditions, the berries are very small, concentrated with perfect aromas and colour.

Description:    A wonderful bouquet of black pepper, leather, cherries greet the nose.  Balanced by subtle vanilla, oak character and rich ripe tannins, creates a tantalising taste.

Style:    Dry Red Wine

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