Make the most of this wine’s bouquet of herbs and black pepper in a dish such as the typical French Coq au vin – chicken portions slowly simmered in good red wine with baby onions, mushrooms, bacon and fresh herbs like thyme, origanum and Italian parsley. Serve it with crusty bread to mop up the sauce. Alternatively, prepare cubed leg of lamb or the Italian Osso bucco, made with veal shank, in a similar way.

Cabernet franc is often the lesser  partner  in great blends.  Although it is not as well known  in South Africa, Cabernet franc wine from our  estate has proven to be distinct in aromas and elegant in style.  This wine is produced to showcase the unique character.

Description:  This wine has an intense bouquet of herbs, pepper and    berries reflecting origin and terroir of the Darling   appellation.  Well integrated ripe tannins allow for a well   constructed palate.

Style:   Dry Red Wine

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