The delicate vanilla flavours of the wine should never be overpowered by strongly flavoured foods, so serve it with pan-fried line fish and a light, creamy sauce and steamed green vegetables – a sauce seasoned with a touch of saffron and vanilla would be ideal. A very mildly flavoured dish with hints of cumin also complements the partially wooded Chardonnay. The wine will also complement chicken or a pasta dish with a touch of cream.

The  great debate has always existed between wine supporters of a   wooded and unwooded Chardonnay.  We set out to combine the   abundance of fruit in an unwooded product with a  barreled matured Chardonnay.

Description:   Light yellow, straw like colour. White peach, lemon zest and sweet vanilla and toasty oak aromas. Creamy citrus flavours with a crisp acidity. Long finish – well balanced wine.

Style:  Dry White Wine

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