Fresh raspberries and strawberries come to mind when you enjoy a glass of this Merlot. Indulge in a handful of these berries with the wine or add them to a bed of green lettuce and a mild feta cheese as a salad. Ostrich fillet with a Dijon mustard sauce will add to the tones in the wine or drizzle a green salad with a honey-mustard dressing and enjoy with the fillet. Prepare a salad with a different touch, by slicing strawberries and drizzling them with a balsamic glaze and good grind of black pepper.

Merlot can be a very shy cultivar when it comes to expressing its varietal secrets.  The vines were tenderly manicured and yield kept low to allow for optimum character development.  Careful  attention was given to picking the grapes at the best possible opportunity.

Description:    This wine has developed beautifully with  an intense ruby red colour,  a subtle, balanced palate and a   velvety mouth feel.  A nose of crushed strawberries   and prunes showcases the true character of the terroir.

Style:    Dry Red Wine

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