This wine can definitely stand on its own and goes equally well with chicken, salad, pasta, a cheese platter and even pizza. Stonehill Lemon and lime olives work particularly well as a snack or add it to a green salad to serve with the Semillon. Alternatively, season couscous with the olives, cucumber and a few mint leaves and serve it with chicken or fish. Tiny snacks made with cucumber, cheese and mint will be another good option.

Semillon is often the blending partner of greater white blends.  The style and quality achieved from our terroir was exciting, motivating us to bottle this wine as a single varietal.

Description:  Elegant and well balanced.  Grassy , lime with   hints of green apple and herbs.  Fresh acidity and  youthful,  this wine will mature in the bottle.

Style:  Dry White Wine

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